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I. About The Artist

“I want to express a certain feeling and emotion by creating an entire environment for the viewer to walk into or observe from afar."

Every project is different and providing the client with what will work and meet their vision is my guiding principle. Each piece needs to have a purpose in helping to heal. This is accomplished by using a variety of approaches that engage inquisitive minds.

Honestie DeGross - CEO / FOUNDER

I am a professional and very passionate about what I do. I believe that Art Party Design is the place for high-quality, attractive pieces of art and paintings. Decorate and accessorize your life with incredible works of art. When you find a work you love, you will know; you want this piece of beauty to bring new life into your home, to see it every day to sooth and inspire your spirit. Whether your art falls on the wide and wonderful spectrum, Art Party Design is here to help.

The Beginning & Mission​


Feel the beauty of art.

My mission is to create Artwork that inspires a positive mindset, promotes creative vibes, and celebrates life’s imperfections. An abstract is my artistic expression of life’s imperfect world. Art Party Designs I offer customized arts and paintings just for you. All artwork can be modified, for size, and color theme for your new home, office, business, or remodeling space.